AgroExpoUzbekistan / Agrotech Expo

International exhibition for agricultural machinery, horticulture, plant production and animal husbandry

  • Announced new dates! 

27-29 November 2024  | Uzexpocenter | Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Health protection and hygiene measures

We do everything necessary to make AgroExpo Uzbekistan / Agrotech Expo comfortable and safe for all exhibitors and visitors.

The event will be held in accordance with the measures taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as taking into account our experience in organizing exhibitions in the CIS countries and the Far Abroad.

Social distancing and the flow of visitors

Exhibition halls have the ability to accommodate all exhibitors and visitors, taking into account the requirements of social distancing. Regular monitoring of the number of exhibition visitors helps to avoid excessive congestion of the stands.

Wearing medical masks

Access to the territory of the exhibition complex is allowed only in medical masks. Counters for the purchase of personal protective equipment will be installed on the territory of the Uzexpocentre NEC.

Hand sanitizers

Visitors and exhibitors of the exhibition and technical business events will have the opportunity to use disinfectants. At the entrances to the pavilions, we will place hand sanitizers for visitors and exhibitors.

Body temperature control

At the entrance to the territory of the exhibition halls, exhibitors and visitors will have their body temperature measured using non-contact thermometers. Visitors and exhibitors with an elevated body temperature will not be allowed to enter the fairgrounds.

Cleaning of halls using disinfectants

After the end of the exhibition opening hours, all pavilions, halls and other premises of the exhibition complex will be cleaned using cleaning and disinfectants .

Air circulation in pavilions and conditioning

Pavilions and other premises of the NEC "Uzexpocentre" are equipped with air conditioning systems and provide optimal circulation of fresh air and a comfortable temperature during events.