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The German expert Alfons Goebel will exchange his experience in feed production

During the exhibition the international conference “From Field to Fork” will be organised. On June 12  and 13, Prof. Dr. Katharina Riehn from Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Vice President DLG Competence Center Food, ​will speak on Implementation of Food Safety in Europe and Food safety along the value chain in Uzexpocenter.

The European Union aims to assure a high level of food safety through coherent farm-to-table measures and adequate monitoring, while ensuring an effective internal market. The implementation of this integrated Food Safety policy in the EU involves to assure effective control systems and evaluate compliance with EU standards in the food safety and quality within the EU and in third countries like Uzbekistan in relation to their exports to the EU as well as to manage international relations with third countries concerning food safety.

12 June


Implementation of Food Safety regulations Europe as an example

  • Food Safety
  • European Union
  • Regulation
  • Integrated Approach
  • Consumer Protection

13 June


Food safety along the value chain

  • Food safety
  • Primary production
  • Agriculture
  • Risk Analysis