USAID forms partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture of Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan sets yet another record of potato imports

It is known that in June this year BMB Trade Group and the Italian company Gesfarm & food signed an agreement for the supply of saffron to Italy for a total of 15 million euros.

As previously reported, according to this agreement, on July 29 of this year, the first batch of the product was sent to Europe.

The company is making consistent efforts in this direction.

In particular, on August 26 this year, another batch of saffron products under the brand “BMB Zafaron” with a total amount of 1.1 million euros was exported to Italy.

The ceremony of export was attended by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of BMB Trade Group Bekzod Mamatkulov, as well as the head of the direct investment department of the Ministry of Agriculture Shokhrukh Tolibov, as well as an authorized representative of the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shukhrat Abdurakhmanov.

It should be noted that the results achieved by the company are closely related to the full support of business activity in Uzbekistan by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev and the favorable business environment created in this regard. This is evidenced by the expansion of mutually beneficial relations with foreign partners and the growth of export potential.

The open dialogue of the President with the entrepreneurs of our country on August 20 became another vivid confirmation of the attention paid to the development of the industry in Uzbekistan at the level of state policy.

The open meeting, organized for the first time in such a format, gave all entrepreneurs of the Republic enormous strength, confidence and courage, and served to the emergence of new ideas and initiatives.

This is due to the fact that the solution of many systemic problems on the basis of instructions and tasks given by the head of our state in an open dialogue will create new opportunities for business entities.

It should be noted that this deeply inspired the friendly staff of the company. Inspired by this, they will continue to work selflessly and make a worthy contribution to the economy of our Motherland.

Thus, the company continues to demonstrate its potential in the country by expanding the area under saffron sowing, increasing the processing volumes of this medicinal plant, creating new permanent and seasonal jobs and producing export-oriented products.

In general, the practice of exporting to Italy is the beginning of the next ambitious plans of the company.

Thus, the company seeks to promote Uzbekistan as one of the most advanced countries in the field of saffron production.

Meanwhile, in foreign countries, interest in high-quality products “BMB Zafaron” is growing.

BMB Trade Group thanks the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of our country in Italy for their support in the implementation of this project.

Resource: Uzdaily