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Agrocluster in Jizzakh region

Uzbekistan produced about 8.38 million tonnes of wheat and over 2.93 million tonnes of cotton in 2017, the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev said at the Congress of Agriculture Workers of Uzbekistan on 9 December 2017.
Uzbek leader underlined that the country produced 12,450 tonnes of cocoons, 318,000 tonnes of rice, 23 million tonnes of fruits and vegetables, as well as 13 million tones of meat and milk products.

President said that over 160,000 farmers operate in Uzbekistan. Number of multi-profile farms rose by 45% in last two years and reached 75,000 units. This helped to create hundred thousand new jobs.

About 132,000 tonnes of agriculture products were processed and exported ready products for US$100 million. Uzbekistan exported 724,000 tonnes of fresh fruits for US$865 million.

New fishing, beekeeping, poultry and cattle farms were created in Uzbekistan. New horse complex was created in Kashkadarya region. Similar complexes are created in Tashkent region and other parts of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekbaliqsanoat (Uzbek Fish Industry) was created to rehabilitate fishing industry. It unites over 3,600 fishing farms. Currently, 100,000 tonnes of fishes produced at 580,000 hectares of natural and 28,000 tonnes of artificial water reservoirs.

Uzbekistan also created Association of Beekeepers of Uzbekistan, which unites over 14,000 entrepreneurs, producing honey.

Uzbekistan is also introducing water-saving technologies. Currently, such technologies were introduced at 240,000 hectares of lands, including drip irrigation systems at 28,000 hectares.

President said that efficient use of land is important issue. Currently, 3,3 million irrigated lands exist in Uzbekistan and there is opportunity to expand them. Uzbekistan has also limited water resources.

Another problem is old irrigation systems, which hinders to irrigate 830,000 hectares of lands.

One of main tasks is to provide quality meat, milk, eggs and fish products to population. Uzbek leader called to increase capacities on producing cattle and poultry.

Uzbek head underlined that currently only 15% of fruits and vegetables are processed and only 8% of them are exported. This figure do not meet potential of Uzbekistan.

Some 445,000 hectares of the most fertile lands were transferred to the population as household plots. But the use of these sites is at a low level. It is necessary to create compact greenhouses for cultivation of citrus fruits on household plots of the population, to arrange the harvesting of nuts, unabi and other crops.

Uzbek leader underlined that 38% of 146,295 units of agriculture equipment are old. Regions do not have enough equipment. There is also lack of skilled employees.

Uzbekistan should also boost work on collection and processing of leather as over 12 million units of leather produced in the country. These products can be processed into high quality and competitive ready goods.

President Shavkat Mirziyouev proposed to create Scientific center of poultry to develop the industry. He called to organize seed center in cooperation with other states to produce potato seeds. Uzbekistan needs 50,000 potato seeds a year, Uzbek Presdent said.

Uzbek President also underlined need to boost light industry. He said that it is planned to process 1.2 million tonnes of cotton fibre in Uzbekistan and start to export only ready products.

Source: UzDaily